MyAgriGuru – a digital platform for farmers – aims at creating an integrated network in the agri-community. The platform connects farmers and agri-experts across the country and enables exchange of thoughts, ideas and information – creating a true, trustworthy eco-system. MyAgriGuru is India’s first such objective platform for farmers. MyAgriGuru platform intends to accompany farmers in their journey towards better and innovative farming while enhancing their incomes.
All crop-related information and agri-advisory at one place. This covers agronomic activity calendar, self-diagnosis of crop conditions, new technologies and innovative practices of the crop and farmer success-stories. Farmers can send their own crop images to MyAgriGuru for a speedy resolution.
Red Gram
A unique platform connecting all farmers of India. Any farmer can come to MyAgriGuru and initiate a conversation which will be open to all other participants of the platform. This creates an immensely empowering eco-system, bringing the locus of control closer to the farmers.
ANIRUDH Farmer टीकमगढ़,मध्य प्रदेश
tmatar ka kon sa accha beej hoga sir
27-May-2017 14:10
Veiw All Comments 3
ANIRUDH Farmer टीकमगढ़,मध्य प्रदेश
soryabin ka accha beej Chiye kon sa he
27-May-2017 14:09
Veiw All Comments 1
Keeku Farmer Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu
hi. how to improve coconut yield. we have recently done drip irrigation. but there are very few coconut in the tree. what should be given for good health of tree and good yield
27-May-2017 13:42
Veiw All Comments 2
Mandi prices of all APMC mandi across India are published here in an easy to refer format for the farmers. Farmers can also follow the market price trends of his crop of interest and make the right call about the justified price for his harvest.
Explore Latest Market Prices
The weather section enables the farmers to see the weather forecast for their own locations. We give out forecasts for up to 5 days, which are updated every 3 hours.
Explore Weather Updates
The latest agricultural news and updates are featured here. We cover the important areas related to agriculture like scheme and subsidies, news, new technologies, etc. in this section.
India Meteorological Department is set to issue weather forecast at the block-level to help farmers.
The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is set to issue weather forecast at the block-level to help farmers prepare better for the crops. “...
Jammu and Kashmir Agriculture Minister launches e-plant clinics.
Jammu and Kashmir Agriculture Minister Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura batted for making farmers aware of the latest technologies to enhance production in th...
Assam Agriculture University is implementing a mega fish project in Nalbari district
With the financial assistance of the North-East Council (NEC) under the Ministry of DoNER, the Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat is implementing a ...
Govt hikes sugarcane FRP by Rs 25/quintal for 2017-18
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1 Video. 3 Benefits.!!
1 Video. 3 Benefits.!!
1 Video. 3 Benefits.!!
1 Video. 3 Benefits.!!
1 Video. 3 Benefits.!!
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Success story of Wheat
Mr Sandeep Goyal is an innovative farmer.Under whe...
Success story of Red Gram
Mr. Chander Shekhar  Singh is a progressive f...
Success story of Tomato
Sardar Davinder  Singh has been a progressive...
Success story of Soybean
Mr Deepak is not only graduate in agriculture but ...
Success story of Potato
Mr Ketanbhai Jasbhai Patel has invented new integr...
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Milch Animal Nutrition

For milch animals, regularly follow schedule of 1 kg feed + 50 g mineral mixture per 2 litres of water to sustain milk yield.

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MyAgriGuru Admin
प्यारे किसान दोस्तों !! मायएग्रीगुरु ले के आया है एक दिलचस्प प्रतियोगिता जिसमें 5 लकी विजेता जीतेंगे 500 रूपए PayTM कैश  प्रश्न : मिट्टी की जाँच के क्या फायदे हैं? 1. मिट्टी के पोषक तत्व की मात्रा का पता चलता है 2. मिट्टी से लिपाई पुताई अच्छी होती है 3. मिट्टी से खुशबू अच्छी आती है 4. मिट्टी में हल्दी मिर्ची की मात्रा का पता लगता है अपना जवाब नंबर (1/2 /3/4) 'चर्चा' या 'टिपण्णी' में लिख कर भेजें । संकेत के लिए  'वीडियो एक फ़ायदे अनेक' वीडियो 'अन्य जानकारी' विभाग में देखें ।
5 Rate
23-May-2017 12:15
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संतोष Farmer सोनभद्र,उत्तर प्रदेश
कृपया सोयाबीन की खेती के बारे मे पूरी जांकारी विस्तार के साथ बताये?
17-Feb-2017 16:44
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aashi Farmer कांकेर,छत्तीसगढ़
dhan .ka..poudha.badane.ka.Davao.bataye
16-Mar-2017 13:32
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